NurseriesThe health of child is a major concern to all parents. There is perhaps no more important a place outside the home where cleanliness and hygiene is essential as kindergardens, nurseries, schools, care centres and play groups.

We care about cleanliness and we don’t want our children to become ill. Germs can be passed from one child to another making them really sick or aggravating their allergies.

NurseriesYou can make your school, nursery, care centre, play group or day care centre stand out from the rest. Our company provides steam cleaning and jet wash cleaning, which helps keep the environment clean and disinfected inside and outside your premises. With the use of steam we can clean toys, stuffed animals, desks, chairs, tables, remove odours from beds, mats, carpets, rugs. We remove germs without using any chemical detergents. We can steam kitchens, toilets, changing rooms,and offices. Steam kills well known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella. In addition by only using water we are environmentally friendly.We can also clean awnings and signs on your buildings.Thanks to high pressure we can remove algae from different surfaces such as: garden furniture, flooring, stone steps, wooden decking, external walls and driveways.

In other words we offer a comprehensive cleaning service.